Hello there. I have a question that still stuck in my mind lately. I have been playing games with an option to turn on “music player” or “custom radio station”. Games like GTA and Forza Horizon 3 (I think?) had this feature. My question is, how difficult is it to implement such feature? Because I rarely see this feature used these days. With the rise of music streaming platforms like Spotify or SoundCloud, wont it be easy to implement such feature?

A jukebox feature isn't that difficult to build, it's just something that doesn't serve the intended experience for certain types of games. Games with a stronger focus on narrative will usually keep a tighter control of music in order to set the stage for the characters and their emotions, especially in narratively-important scenes. GTA straddles this line in their games - the jukebox is limited to gameplay only and does not break immersion during the story scenes.

Games with a focus on driving tend to allow players to choose an audio playlist, but they are hardly the only ones. Several fighting games also sport a jukebox feature like Tekken and Guilty Gear, but it also exists in games like Payday 2 and Sonic Frontiers. Jukebox support tends to be a fairly low priority feature since it's not a huge selling point, but there are some who care enough about adding it to a game that it shows up now and again.

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