Game development is becoming more expensive (at least or especially for AAA games), but at the same time there’s more games than ever, and it’s ‘easier’ for me to wait for sales than ever. Or heck, there’s a decent chance a game will be available on a subscription service eventually. So, that’s to say, I find it even less likely than a decade ago that I’ll buy a new game at full price. Should I worry about this? Sure I’m one person, but the market is nothing but many “one person»s, right?

You really don't need to worry about the industry's general practices. The massive companies will figure out how to do business or they'll die and be supplanted by other massive companies. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you're representative of the buying public at large, but that's rarely the case. Most players don't think about how the sausage is made, they just want to find a flavor they like.

As long as most players buy new games at launch, things will likely continue as they currently are. If/when that changes, the companies change with them. Don't worry about it and make the choices that are the best for you. We'll continue to make games we think people are willing to pay for. Hopefully there will continue to be some crossover in there and you'll be able to find some games you can enjoy.

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