Ask a Game Dev 2022-12-16 20:02:36


Why yes, we would totally love to put in a feature that generates a tremendous number of customer service calls.

Support ALL of the options

[Decision Paralysis and Naive Diversification is a thing].

Save Game Import

[A lot of effort for a very small percentage of the players].

Just include it in the game for free

[Budgets are a real thing].

Player to player Item trading

[I just talked about this].

Make ______ into an MMO!

[Too expensive].

Just take the budget for multiplayer and add it to single player!

[Budgets are still a thing].

Delay the game until it’s ready

[We can’t stop technology]. [Budgets are still still a thing].

Branching Story!

[Because we only have so much concrete to pour].

Just add for the PC players

This can work for some small features (usually relating to graphic systems in nature), but players are notoriously bad at identifying what the scope of feature requests are.

Add a toggle

Opening a can of worms. It’s a pain to test, and… well, you may have heard the expression “if you give a mouse a cookie, it’ll want a glass of milk”.

That other game has _______, why can’t you add it too?

Because you don’t know what the other team had to cut in order to have ________.

Stop shipping with Day 1 patches

[The ability to patch stuff has actually helped our ability to deliver more and better quality content].

Classic servers! Support two different versions of the game!

[Maintaining different versions of the same game is really really hard].

Give us mod support!

[Mod tools for developers is easy. Mod tools for the public is hard].

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