as a gamer, are we supposed to understand game versions and what each number means? could you explain it?

It usually isn’t necessary as long as you’re on whatever version is most recent, but the way version numbers work are usually as follows:

{Big Version}.{Small Version}.{Specific Patch}


Big Version usually means the current major release of the game. If it starts with zero, it usually means it hasn’t been a full release yet. A number of one or greater indicates it is a major release (e.g. a MMOG like Final Fantasy XIV might increase its big version when it releases an expansion pack). FF14′s big version 5 was Shadowbringers and big version 6 was Endwalker.


Small Version usually refers to the current major patch or content update for the game. Most live service games get these kind of major content updates every quarter, but it can also refer to big DLC drops/updates and the like. These updates typically come out once every three months or so.


Specific Patch refers to the smallest updates, usually patches with bug fixes and balance updates in them. These are much smaller in scope and typically get released more often. Emergency patches and updates also fall into this category.


As an added bit of trivia, you should note that even though we often use a period to mark the differences, patch numbers are not decimals. This is why version 1.9 can become version 1.10, followed by version 1.11 and so on. 

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